posted Jul 12, 2011, 6:58 AM by David Smith

Happy Tuesday everyone....as most of you are aware I got out of the hospital last Friday as planned and am now recuperating at our home in Piedmont. As I mentioned last week....I am expecting the recuperation process to be different this time.... and so far it is. I feel like I am more mobile more quickly... but I am certainly not winning any foot races. I have the same home health therapist as last time...so I kind of know what she expects of me...and what I can expect from the rehab process. Don't have much of an appetite back yet...but it certainly won't hurt me to miss a few meals....especially with some new and different dishes and menus to try out this fall in Scotland and Ireland. I hope you enjoyed Michael Bartley this past Sunday...and I certainly thank him for filling in for me.

I am really looking forward to getting back to work and to being with all of you...I miss you when I'm gone! My followup/release appointment with Dr. Kowalski is on July 18 at 2 PM. BTW... if anyone is looking for a good ortho doctor and joint replacement program....I highly recommend my Dr., Mark Kowalski, and the Joint Replacement Center at Mercy. (and I am not in the least bit prejudiced.! )..maybe only slightly.

In Christ...