posted Jul 26, 2011, 6:57 AM by David Smith
Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree.... it's been 3 long weeks...do you still love me??? The song Tie a Yellow Ribbon was made popular in 1973 by the group Tony Orlando and Dawn. I can still picture the hair and the dress of the period...and shudder....did we really ever dress like that? I guess we did.

The song was about a convict who had done his time in prison and was now on his way home to his girlfriend and family. He had been away for 3 years...and was unsure of the welcome he might or might not receive, so he asked his girl to tie a yellow ribbon around the tree on the road into town and if it was there...he would get off the bus...if not he would just keep going.

I haven't been away for 3 years..it was 3 weeks.. it wasn't in prison..it was in recuperation from surgery...so I think (hope) you are ready for me to come back. I know that I am. I may still be a little slow..and I may have to rest a little more for a while...but I not a person of inactivity. I see the doctor on Monday, and have an appointment on Tuesday morning. I should be back in the office starting sometime Tuesday afternoon for the rest of the week.
I thank you for all of your patience and love that you have shown me this year with the two knee surgeries. Hopefully everything else will hold togtether for a while before I have to do anything else. See you soon....
In Christ...
 If anyone is looking for a good used piano, Liz has one for sale. (Or we do) It's built by Hobart M. Cable Co., and is similar to the one in the fellowship hall or choir room. We are asking $400. Needs tuned....it's been a while...but otherwise in good condition as far as we know.