posted Jul 6, 2011, 7:03 AM by David Smith

By the time you read this on Tuesday afternoon, I will either be in surgery, recovery or in my room. Whichever it is, I just want you to know that I appreciate your thoughts and prayers for my recovery. This trip through the process is going to be a little different from my surgery last March on my right knee. Since that time Mercy has developed what they are calling a "Joint Replacement Center" that will only have knee and hip replacement patients on the unit. The nurses, Physical and Occupational therapists, nurses aides, and doctors have all been trained in taking care of joint replacement patients. The patient is followed by the team from the time of admission to the time of discharge and so far the results have been very encouraging. Expected stay on the unit after surgery is scheduled for 3 days, meaning that with my surgery on Tuesday, I will probably be discharged on Friday. This is at least one full day shorter than my last stay for the same surgery. In some cases patients are going home at 2 days post op. We also have to get up and dressed each day, have 2 hours of PT & OT, and no running around in flappy hospital gowns. The stay can be longer if needed. I'm sure the insurance companies are loving this...and I would imagine the patients are as well. We all know that hospital food is less than stellar, and the sooner you can be back to home cooking...the better. As I did last time I will be staying in Piedmont to avoid Liz having to commute 2 hours a day to assist me.

I hope to be out no more than I was last time (3 Sundays) and I have some great speakers lined up in my absence. On July 3, Rev. Michael Bartley from OSU Wesley Foundation will speak and serve communion. On July 10, Mark Howard, Director of Residential Services for Circle of Care Boy's Ranch will speak, and on July 17, Gary Gilpin, a Certified Lay Speaker from the Woodward District will bring the message. Gary is a member of the Addictions Committee, a former chaplain for a treatment center, and an active architect in the Panhandle/Western Kansas area. I am sure you will enjoy each of these, and I pray you will give them your support by your attendance.

I look forward to a rapid recovery and returning to you soon.

In Christ...