posted May 24, 2011, 7:03 AM by David Smith

I received the following idea from a denominational email that I receive on a regular basis that shares ideas from around the denomination. The ideas are based on what is talked about in Romans 12. Rather than repeat it here...I urge you to read it for yourself.

In this one...I realize that Brewster, Mass. is a much larger community than Perry, but I think that organizing something like this on a smaller scale...might help our congregation as well. Anyone interested in taking up the challenge of organizing??

Keeping connected with church members and visitors can be a challenge, but Northside United Methodist Church in Brewster, Massachusetts is
intentionally addressing this issue. The congregation is divided by locale
and 14 church "shepherds" have responsibility for shepherding their own

The role of the shepherd is to make telephone calls, send emails or text
messages, and send cards to the people in their area. People who are
homebound or who missed worship or a church activity find the service to be
particularly helpful and informative.

The designated shepherds don't just share information about church
activities, they also listen to the needs of the people in the neighborhood
and help connect them to ministries in the church. For example, as the
community of Brewster continues to grow older and more people find it
difficult to drive, helping to transport people to places of necessity can
be extremely beneficial. When a situation arises, shepherds contact the
Transportation Team so a member of the church can be assigned to help
transport someone to the doctor, pharmacy, or a church event.
Shepherds can also contact the Helping Hands Team with requests. The purpose
of the Helping Hands Team is to provide minor home repair and chore
services. Members of the Helping Hands Team provide services such as
repairing steps, building a ramp, and changing ceiling lights. In addition,
home chore services and meal preparation are provided for people just
getting out of the hospital, for new parents, or for people who are
experiencing bereavement.

God is near...always. Something we need to remember. HE is there whether we realize it or not....ready to receive and help us...when we are ready for HIM.

Come experience God in worship this week as we sing, praise, hear his word, and fellowship with the Family of God! 

Hope to see you in the pews this Sunday.......