posted Apr 25, 2011, 9:07 AM by David Smith
It was sure great to be back in church with all of you on Sunday morning. I've really missed it. Although I'm sure you enjoyed having a break from having to listen to me every week, I know that Myrna, David and now Darlene did an excellent job in my absence. I'm sure Darlene was a little nervous Sunday with me in the congregation, but you did great. I'm looking forward to being back in the pulpit next week on Palm Sunday, especially to be able to celebrate the baptism of Jamie Payne's daughter.
I plan to be back in the office on Wednesday afternoon if all goes as planned. I have to see the doctor Monday afternoon, get the staples out, cleared to drive and cleared from home health physical therapy. I will still  have some therapy do to...but being able to walk without a tremendous amount of discomfort will help that a lot. I know one thing I've learned this past couple of weeks being cooped up at home....I'm certainly not ready for retirement....and if and when I do retire....I better have something to keep me occupied or I'll go nuts.
I don't know how many of you have been keeping up with the Lenten devotions that have been appearing in the Daily Oklahoman, but I have been enjoying them pretty much daily. One thing I have noticed in a few of them is a recurring theme of something happening to a person to help them understand that their job....and their life are two different things. That our job is what we do....it's not who we are.
I think many of us make that mistake. We get our identity so wrapped up in what we do for a living we forget there are other facets of life. We get zeroed in on our job...working to get ahead, working for a promotion, working for more money so we can buy more things, and somewhere along the line...we lose ourselves and our self worth. That happened to me at one time in my life and I'm sure that it may have have to some of you as well. Luckily...I came out of it in time...but some aren't so lucky. That failure to unravel the who...and the what...can have a very high price to pay. If you think you may be in danger of those things getting tangled....let's see what we can do to get them untangled.
God Bless and Keep you.....see you soon......