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The Opportunitree!!!

posted Apr 20, 2011, 2:40 PM by David Smith   [ updated Apr 25, 2011, 8:25 AM by David Smith ]
A big “Thank You” goes out to Becky Douglass, David Smith, Dodie Beckham and Daysha Smith for helping make The Opportunitree a reality. Oh, are you asking yourself what the opportunitree is or are you wondering if I have a serious spelling problem? Well, here it goes…we have designed a tree that is currently waiting to be utilized by all. It is called “The Opportunitree”. It is a tree that will be an opportunity for you to serve your neighbor and for those who need a little help around the house or in other areas. The tree has “apple” pockets for your requests and a “pencil” notepad on which you can write your request. On the pencil notepad please include the following:
                Your name
                Your address
                Phone number
                Your need
And then, just place your request in the apple pocket.
If you see a pencil in an apple and you would like to fulfill the need, just take the pencil and call your “neighbor”.
We would encourage anyone who has a need (or if you know of someone else who may be reluctant to ask for help) to fill out a request. This idea is similar to the angel trees that we see at Christmas time but with this, we are giving of ourselves. We pray we truly learn to serve in Jesus’s name.

May God continue to Bless us all, Shaunna

The Opportunitree is located in the hallway by the nursery.